Wizard Animation

Welcome Edgewood Second Graders


In this wiki you will learn facts about Ohio animals.

Where do they live?

What do they eat?

What do they do in the winter?

What do they do in the summer?

What do they look and sound like?

You will learn this information and more.


With a group, you will choose one Ohio animal and research this animal creating a web

and answering questions about your animal.

You will use classroom books, Ranger Rick magazines and these websites to research your animal.


1. As you research, create a web about your animal. Organize your information with a web in these categories:

a. Animal Group

b. Food

c. Habitat

d. Body Characteristics

2. Before you research, ask questions. What do you want to know?

3. You and your teacher will pick one or more of the following options for your research presentation:

a. Write a written report to share your research findings.

b. Create 2-3 powerpoint slides to present your research findings.

c. Be a reporter and write a newscast about your research findings.

This newscast can be recorded with an audio podcast.

If you are ready to begin, Click on the Ohio animal species on the menu to the left to start your research.

Good Luck